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Circuits difficult to solve with switches

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I want to find circuits that are difficult to solve (but not too much), with switches, similar to mazes with creative commons license or public domain.
The goal is to be able to teach beginners to understand electrical circuits, so they shouldn't be too complicated, but they shouldn't be easily solved by trial and error either.

Does anyone know where I can find more similar circuits with free license so I can publish them in my web?

Attached is an example circuit.

Another example circuit.

Try logic gates, like an XOR.

Thanks, but it is to teach how to think about the operation of electrical circuits to beginners who do not yet know about logic gates. They only know how switches, battery switches, light bulbs, etc. work.

You don't have to call them "logic gates."  Just give the students the truth table (don't call it that) and ask that they duplicate.  On a personal note, my current home was wired by professional electricians.  Not a single 3-way light switch works properly.  Hence, XOR logic by any other name was foreign to those electricians.


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