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dig your way into rubber podding ?


omg it is not always fun to dig your way into podding
some is made of stone hard epoxy
other times it is soft and funny to cut in,

what is your tricks ?

here a video of a fun night


Terry Bites:
You can make epoxy fall to bits just by boiling your thing for 10 min untill the whole thing gets to 100 real degrees.
For silicone use Dichloromethane (DCM), this makes the rubber crumbly.
Some people say that an overnight soak in transmission fluid kills silcone. Never tired it myself.


--- Quote ---might also want to try nail polish remover, but it is VERY fumy.
--- End quote ---
Make sure its old school acetone based,loads of the stuff is now "eco friendly" and wont be any good


--- Quote from: oz2cpu on November 29, 2022, 09:19:46 am ---...
some is made of stone hard epoxy

--- End quote ---

argh...the PSU of my C64 is like this.

Had some of the rock epoxy, so dropped the whole lot into a bottle of MEK, and left it there for 3 months, till the epoxy was soft enough to pick off. The little PCB in the middle did not survive, but at least I was able to see what it was, which was a simple JFET buffer module for some chart recorder, of which I only had the buffer. Resistors all I had to measure as they also lost the paint. The capacitors, metal film, were dissolved.


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