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Disrupting Inductive Neck Loop Earpiece with EMP?

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I have currently made a small handheld EMP device originally from a 9V battery which later got converted into 8x9V batteries which was outputting 52.5V and down to 45V after a half hour or so, 500mAh batteries **** big time, will go on to 3000mAh once I figure out all the kinks in the current design though.

The reason for creating this small EMP is to block out the inductive neck loop system which students are using to cheat on their exams, they use an MP3 player and a wireless earpiece which captures the magnetic resonance at about 300Hz - 5300Hz, some even go to 8500Hz. Since I wasn't able to replicate this low output, I tried the EMP method.

The pulse works fantastically at around 1m range with some grounding issues however, the original design was only intended as a demo and at the original 9V nothing happened with the increase of power I managed to get the multimeter to show me 200V output from 8x9V batteries lol. At about 1m range the earpiece picks up the EMP as do 3V pc speakers, I need the pulse to be received in a 10x10m room though.

I was also thinking of digging up an ancient HAM schematic to output somewhere near the magnetic resonance the earpiece works on, if HAM and submarines can do it why can't we?

I'm seriously stumped as to what the best option for our centre is, one more point, it is important that the device can run on a small current, well actually, should be covert, able to be mobile, say in a backpack with a few 9V batteries or other power source that is small enough to conceive in a bag.

It would be a hell of a lot easier to detect their transmitter, and expel them from school.

Wait, why can't you notice them using an earbud?

to JohnS_AZ:

1 device that can block a whole room from current and future attempts to cheat on tests or extra staff to strip search each individual student and violating their rights... I think the cheaper and easier method is to not encourage students to try and cheat and not get caught but to study and pass their exams on their own and in turn raise the school's standards.

Some educational institutions have staff that take money from students to mark them as present and give them a solid report, a recent TV report on some New Zealand universities demonstrated this.

Just attempting to stay one step ahead. Of course if anyone is caught we will try to expel, however expulsion not every time works in our favor, there are many variables to take into consideration.

to allanw:

Magnetic resonance, some devices can be as small as 3mm in diameter and so far down the ear canal that they can't be seen without probing something down their ears.

Okay.  I don't know a thing about these inductive neck loop things. Can you point to a web page that talks about the technology?

The point:  Figure out what the transmitter is doing, and build a bigger,more powerful one. Maybe blast them with Neil Sedaka songs from the 70's.   ;D


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