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Saw this on a Make video.  It's not overly difficult and would make an excellent inexpensive project for a beginner to get some soldering experience and build something useful that can be used in other projects.


Separate but loosely related and included for coolness.

Wire Arduino

Very nice. A lot of casual observers think Arduino users are stuck with the full Uno/Mega board platform, which is a shame. There are many options ... for example there is the boarduino:

http://dorkbotpdx.org/wiki/dorkboard and so on.

or you can easily mash up your own project using the IC and your own design:
e.g. http://wp.me/pQmjR-H3

Chet T16:
The core of my simple arduino based projects consists of nothing more than an attiny85, 2 caps and a voltage regulator. I still call it arduino, meaning just using the ide

Chet T16:
That's what I thought but you can use it without the bootloader too (seen that in an old blog and had to look it up)

Although, I think I would spend the extra money to get the AVR programmer ($35) over just the FTDI serial to USB breakout board ($15).  Why not have something for a few extra bucks that will program all AVR chips.


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