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DIY Digital Caliper

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--- Quote from: MitkoDyakov on May 07, 2024, 09:20:28 pm ---I was looking at this schema on electronics stack exchange. Which seems to be what I need given the fact that I would power it from 3V

And I build a prototype... a few prototypes

The ones I designed were tragic. I have questions for the design from stack exchange and they are the following:

1. How do I choose values for C1 and C2
2. I understand why R1 and R2 are there, but I don't get why some people choose Mohm values for them but here 10k is fine
3. I did not had MCP6021, but I did had MCP6V11. Is there anything special about MCP6021?

And for people who will ask me about pictures from the scope. The "thing" had nothing resembling the original signal, looks random noise at 1.5V 50mV peak to peak.

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Please attach your images as attachments here, rather than embedding external URLs that don’t work.

How about these analogue ones



--- Quote from: notsob on May 08, 2024, 01:57:24 am ---How about these analogue ones


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the hell with my project I am jumping ship to the banana calipers


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