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DIY Multimeter lead - how do I finish it?

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This is a DIY extra extra long lead I need once in a while and so it doesn't have to be the best.

I have never made one of these, how do you terminate the end?  I have put quite a bit of force on the end trying to pop the lip so the metal lip holds in the holder, but no way.

I tried heat, it didn't work. 

Is there a trick?

Did you crimp or solder the connection?

I soldered the cable into the connector.  There was nothing to crimp.

I should also mention, I tried to screw them on to the ferrule but nothing seems to ever catch, and there is no reverse thread on the lead.

OK, I have similar connectors.  They're supposed to just press and snap in.  If the metal part is not distorted, I don't know why it wouldn't work.  Perhaps a tool in the form of a thin tube could reach in and push directly on the flange.


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