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Do I have a fake Tektronix P6137 probe ? Hows yours ?

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Just bought pair of used 400 Mhz Tektronix P6137 probes from ebay, the seller is from US and here what I got.

See the contact points pointed by the red arrows, it is definitely not gold plated.

Another shot.

While here at one of the tech surplus shop , click here -> http://www.qservice.tv/vpasp/shopexd.asp?id=8114&bc=no , click at the lower right thumb pic to zoom, and their P6137 pic like below here has the golden contact which I assume its gold plated.

Anyone who own this particular model of Tek probe, could you please confirm this ?

I cannot confirm it, but I am pretty sure they are genuine.

Just because they're not gold plated doesn't mean they're counterfeit. Gold plating can actually be bad if both male and female are not gold plated. If the scope has tin or nickel plated BNCs, as most scopes do, using gold plated male BNCs could accelerate corrosion and lead to bad joints due to dissimilar metals, especially in harsh environments.

Those almost certainly are genuine.  The production life of many of their products (like those of Agilent, Fluke, etc.) is so long that there are often revisions over time.  Sometimes they designate them "A" or "B" or whatever, but I imagine that more subtle changes don't get any designation change at all.

Fwiw: my definitely genuine P6131 are both silver plated, as is my P3136.

Not to worry I'd say.



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