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DS1052E - Wave recording RCD file

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Hey guys

I was testing the Record Mode on my Rigol and saved a .rcd file on my USB memory.

To record a wave...
Utility, Record, Mode Record, Operate.

Then to save it to your USB memory...
Mode Storage, Location External, Save.

Now I have the file, how can I read it using my PC? I am attaching it to this message.

The file contents are not in plain TXT.


RCD format seems to be from the old series, DS1000E saves into WFM format, isn't it?
For this last format there are some readers, and at RC groups someone tells about a reader for old scopes' files.

Yes, it can also save a screen in a WFM file, but it's only a screenshot.

The RCD file seems to save more time, not only a printscreen.

The rcd file is only 8k in size. the wfm files seem to be 16k in size and contains 16k of data.

Maybe the rcd file is compressed?
I know the wfm files are not compressed and can be read easily with a good hex editor.

I have attached a wfm file captured from a DS1102E showing the cal signal from the dso.


Well, it could be a 8k sample file, 8 bits per sample. I don't remember how many 1ms samples I took.

Tomorrow I will run another test.


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