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Durability of 'Tag-Connect' connectors?

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I am thinking of using Tag-Connect footprint in a product. Does anyone have experience with them and can give information about the durability of the locking variant?
Looking at the image, those plastic hooks don't instill much confidence. Given the price tag, I'd hate to replace the cable on a regular basis.

Any other experience with Tag-Connect also welcome.

Over a thousand cycles and still holding ok here, ham fisted blind monkeys on a production line might well produce shorter lifespans.

My usual comment with Tag-Connect is that they are pointless compared to a regular connector. They take up more board space and require big mechanical holes complicating routing on dense boards.

They are not much faster to disconnect, and who needs to connect/disconnect on a regular basis where the difference would matter?

If anything, the version with the metal pins and a retaining clip is better, but still way more cumbersome compared to the regular connectors.

And using them in production is just strange, I don't see how it is efficient at all.

What is your use case?  I really prefer the "no legs" version.  I've used those a ton and they are great.  For device programming it's usually enough to just push and hold for the few seconds it takes to load the flash.  The only reason to use the connector with the plastic legs is if you need to do debugging or slow flashing on a device where it's not practical to access the back side to install a retaining clip.  If that use case is a major concern I would definitely reconsider just using a standard rectangular connector.


--- Quote from: ataradov on May 20, 2024, 12:37:08 am ---My usual comment with Tag-Connect is that they are pointless compared to a regular connector.

--- End quote ---

Zero BOM, low wear (clipless one), and to some extent blind mate friendly. But yeah, if you rolls out enough volume that it's worthwhile to delete a header then maybe you should invest in whole panel-sized jig anyway.


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