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E14 Lamp Keeps Coming Unscrewed

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I *THOUGHT* Langwadt meant squeeze the bulbholder, which would work if its (a) accessible, and (b) a formed metal shell rather than something like ceramic with a spring side contact.  Personally, I thought the odds were pretty low so I didn't bother suggesting that.

The holders also are available with an integrated lamp, so all you do is replace the holder with the integrated lamp version. I have a good collection from scrapped ovens that I use, so never really have to actually buy a lamp for them, but the easiest solution is to take a small flat blade screwdriver and slightly deform the top turn of the socket, so it has a lot of resistance to the lamp screwing loose, keeping it in place.

Well it turns out that the JEGS brand lamps were the problem. I bought a Status branded one from Tesco and no issue with the lamp unscrewing.

So I think I will steer clear of the JEGS brand lamps.

I do not think this is a problem of particular brand. These type of threads are not intended to be used in environment where vibration is a factor. If you take a look at E40 sockets used for street lighting, these have a spring just to prevent that (clearly an afterthought). If you want vibration-proof, use mating that is designed for such environment (look automotive).

It's entirely possible that one particular brand of lamp has slightly smaller bases than others, everything seems to get smaller and thinner and cheaper all the time.


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