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E14 Lamp Keeps Coming Unscrewed

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I mean, both brands of lamp are sold as an oven lamp suitable for fan ovens at 300°C, so I would think that they must have had vibration in mind.

Having a look again, the base of the JEGS lamp is very very thin and I believe nickel or something??, it is obviously very cheap and flimsy and can be crushed with your thumb and finger with hardly any force and it just falls off the glass part of the lamp.

The Status branded lamp however the base is very chunky and is brass. I gave it a scratch to see and it is not just plated it is actual brass. It has no flex in it at all.

In addition, the glass is unnoticeably thicker on the Status compared to the JEGS brand lamp and the Status lamp is noticeably heavier.

It has been a number of weeks now and the Status brand lamp is still working perfectly!!

So I think it is safe to conclude the JEGS lamps are overall of very poor quality and I do not think it unreasonable to avoid this brand JEGS in future.

I think we had bulbholders and incadecent bulbs that would unscrew by themselves every few months or so. The worst part is that intermittent contact created sparks. I remember hearing that sound that intermittent contacts produce... I didn't figure out what was wrong. I tried to bend the spring contact, tried to screw it harder, nothing helped.

Yes, the JEGS lamp was making cracking noises like your ones due to poor contact too. It actually has made holes in the metal base due to it being so thin.

No such issue with the Status brand lamp.

I liked our old Bosch oven which had a BC lamp and holder instead of Edison Screw.

You could change the lampholder, ceramic BC lampholders suitable for high temperature are readily available.


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