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E14 Lamp Keeps Coming Unscrewed

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Hi All.

The lamp in my oven recently blew, so I replaced it with a new one but it keeps coming unscrewed every few days. I have done it up as tight as I dare and don't want to risk damaging the lamp by overtightening it.

Any tips on how to prevent this?

It is a crap brand oven - Bush and doesn't use a BC lamp like our old Bosch oven did, it is an E14 lamp instead which I don;t see many of these days.

I found it fairly hard to find one of these E14 lamps at 300°C rating as most are 100°C, but CPC came up trumps as always. :)

Is it actually coming unscrewed or is the solder pip on the base flattening out?

Yea it is actually coming unscrewed. One time I took the cover off and the lamp had fallen out the socket and was in the glass cover.

Fan oven? You may have a vibration problem. Clean the fan and make sure nothing is loose.

That's not good.  Crappy bulbholder with minimal contact spring tension  + vibration from the fan I assume.  If Monkeh's suggestion doesn't help, there's not much you can do short of changing the bulbholder.  Anything to make the screw thread fatter or stop it turning has to stand up to 300 deg C and *never* shed conductive particle inside the bulbholder while you are screwing it in, so far from easy.


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