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Hey all.  I've recently been attempting to use Eagle PCB.  Anyone happen to use this software?  If so, do you have a library for a MC68HC16Z1CEH25 or something that comes in same package?  If I could just get the package, I'd be happy as hell.  Nothing I hate worse than drawing the package. 

If you have the 144 TQFP pin package, perhaps one of the footprints in the lattice library will work, or at least make it easier to create one. I don't see any 132 pin PQFP packages at all in a search of my libraries, so sorry, no I don't seem to have a library for it either.

Best of luck to you! I hope somebody else here can help :-\

You have to make your own parts in every design you make. Stock libraries are sparse, restrict you to old parts, and may have the wrong or outdated footprints.

I usually draw my own symbols and packages but thought I might try to cheat a little on this one.  Thanks to OhmEye and tyblu for responding.  It was worth a shot. 

Take a look at the ref-packages.lbr and ref-packages-longpad.lbr libraries.


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