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Electronic die project

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Oddly a 3 axis accelerometer is cheaper than those mercury or ball switches.  An MMA7455 is $2 in singles.  MMA7660 is only $1.50, crazy.

SMD, but I remember saving up my money to buy some of those first MEMs accelerometers.  They've dropped so much that they are as cheap as passives.  I buy a few just to add to projects for no reason but something like tap sensing/control.


this reminds of a box of "electronic ice cubes" i have in storage. they were from a spring break promo a few years back. exposed electrodes would short when wet and light the LED inside the cube. im sure i'll hack 'em up into something one day...

check out pin vises if you don't already have one. much easier to drill precision holes by hand vs a dremel. unibits are great for large clean holes.


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