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Don't you always hate is when schematic editors never have the symbol you need ?
I certainly do so I've decided to make my own pack of symbols.

These are of course completely vector drawn so you can resize them as much as you like
with no loss in image quality.
I still need to add a few more symbols such as latches, shift registers, tubes, etc. But in any case
I will be making an initial release tomorrow, so if anyone is interested they are welcome to download.
All these symbols will be made available completely free and open source.  ;D
Comments and criticism welcome.


You can now download the symbol pack http://chryseus8086.co.uk/?page_id=76 here.

Hi Chryseus, I appreciate the issue with symbols you are experiencing.

However, common (and not so common) symbols used in schematics are standardised in the industry. For example you can look on the IPC and IEEE. Besides these standards, many companies/designers use variations on symbols, eg to show the body diode of a MOSFET or resistors in a Darlington transistor.

It will be impossible to capture all symbols used by everyone and the sistuation will be made worse by the introduction of more non-standard symbols by you.


This symbol pack is not intended for serious use, it is more for hobby use and in drawing educational circuit diagrams.
For my use I don't really care or have need to keep with industry standards, as long as the function of each symbol is fairly clear.


--- Quote from: Mechatrommer on June 19, 2011, 12:54:22 am ---i cannot see the symbol, only 2 "X"

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Are you using a modern web browser that can display transparent PNG such as Google Chrome, FireFox or the latest version of Internet Explorer?
It should be visible if you are.
Here are alternative links:

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Serious,y upgrade to the latest browser and install all the security updates to avoid virus and spyware. I'd also recommend scanning with Malwarebytes, just to make sure.


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