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Euro Screw Terminal Block


Quarlo Klobrigney:
 I'm looking for a quality 10mm spacing, Euro Screw Terminal Block.
 Not the garbage found from China as seen in blue.
 Those things are soft (like milk jug plastic) and deform and bend especially when torquing down a wire.
 Whilst mounting, the screw just pushes aside the plastic in the hole.
 The result is the block pivots and never tightens down.
 I've seen something like this by Weco, but is it any good?

 And unknown:

 And then Molex:

 Something solid like the last 2 pictured that doesn't go to support some ePayer's alimony or crack habit would be desired.
 Everything I find is either $5 for a 3 pole with $8 shipping on ePay, forget Amazone's prices.
 The other problem from suppliers is everything that was cheaper, is backordered until next Leap Year.
 Whatever happened to quality?
 Does anybody know of a reputable cost effective source, for what used to be good quality?

If you want something sturdy I like more this style

Or some DIN mount ones

Unless you need a ton of them just get some from a local distributor and stick with a reasonable brand (not cheap unknown Chinese)

Quarlo Klobrigney:
I'm only looking for 18AWG or 0.75 mm2 wire size. What you got there looks like it could carry 50A!


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