Author Topic: Recommend general purpose humidity sensor (interface with Raspbery Pi)  (Read 1609 times)

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This is for my home environmental control system, I just want a couple to play with and also put into use.   I want 0-100% range, decent accuracy like within a few %, 5 volt supply, and i2c or perhaps even 1-wire or other digital signal that will be easy enough to interface with the RPI. 

I found this:

Before I pay that price I just want to see if there's anything else I might be missing.  I'm completely new to RPI interfacing so this will be a learning project.  Basically I'm converting my arduino based home automation system (which uses a server for most of the logic) to use a RPI and it's pins directly. 

And on subject of asking for a general purpose part figured I'd ask here too, what is a good general purpose ADC that has decent res, like 16 bit or even 24 or 32?  Something that takes 5ish volt as input would be ideal. 

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That link does not work..

For a simple cheap sensor the DHT11 /22 range might do, though not I2c .

For a quality sensor then the Sensirion range is the way to go, though expensive.

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Hmmm odd guess the link is cookied and only works on my PC. 
This one might work:
Digikey part # 480-5704-1-ND,    $13.70

I saw the DHT11 /22 too and it is an option but figured I'd check out i2c options first. 

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Several years back, I used a Honeywell HIH-3610 humidity sensor, combined with a DS2450 1-wire A/D. The circuit scavenged power from the 1-wire bus and there was some calculations required, but it did provide a fairly reliable reading of humidity in the cool-air return duct of my house.


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