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Fastest four-pin optocoupler



I wonder if they are fast optocouplers in 4-pin DIP packages. I know PC817 and equivalents, they are 4 us typ. I'd like to look at dual, triple and quad units too as long as they are pin compatible with 4-pin units stacked together (like PC827? PC837 etc.)

It's all about pin compatibility (direct replacement in someone's else bad design). I already know many parts for indirect replacement, no, I do not need more :)

You can lower the load resistance to increase response time as long as you don't go over recommended collector current.

If you want good performance I would stay with Sharp. PC813 series (pc823/pc843 [2/4 channel]) are quite good.

Obviously these are only pin compatible if the 4pin DIPs are spaced properly next to each other.


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