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Fastest SOIC FET Driver



My current project is a class E HF A.M. transmitter and am trying to get the switching frequency above 15MHz.

Have been using 6nC GaN FET O/P devices and NCP81074 drivers without too much trouble, altho' drivers do get a bit toasty!

My new goal is 20MHz with 10nC (approx 1nF Ctot) GaN (Nexperia TO247's) and am looking into the plethora of SOIC drivers as there are many to choose from and wonder (hope) that someone out there may have found the fastest one available?

Specs vary with rise times quoted from different manufactures into varying loads (1nf, 1.8nF, 10nF) with no chart as to rise times vs gate charge, so not easy to compare.

Other than being SOIC8 it will have to have a solderable pad on the underside, some of the smaller packages use this already but SOIC8 is very easy to use for me as it's not too small.

I'm thinking of trying ISL89163FBEAZ as it's looks good but rise time is slow compared to NCP81074 but this is into 10nF vs 1.8nF for the NCP driver.

Anyone, any thoughts?

Your help and advice would be much appreciated!

Best Regards


At those frequencies it's likely not possible to do separate gate driving well, better look at on-die drivers with FET such as https://epc-co.com/epc/products/gan-fets-and-ics/epc21601.

Thanks for the reply.

However as stated I need a SOIC 8 device ideally and am looking for the fastest available.

With all the varying spec out there someone must have tried a load of them to find the best one.

The devices you have shown look amazing but beyond my ability to work with.

Appreciate the help.




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