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Finding tiny camera

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I am looking for a tiny camera for my project (essentially a video camera fixed to glasses that will be recording 24/7).

The smallest I can find is about 1cm diameter, on ebay, marketed as "endoscopes". Things like this -

I believe they are just regular USB webcams.

Does anyone have experience interfacing them to embedded systems? I am thinking about using FTDI's Vinculum II chip as USB host controller + microcontroller. Ideally it would be UVC compatible...

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find even smaller cameras. Google has been very unhelpful since people like to call 5cm cameras "micro", and whatever other small words I tried.

The interface doesn't really matter. Ideally has hardware encoding (MJPEG is fine, which I believe all UVC cameras support).

Anyone seen something like that?


Get one of those and hack it.


Sparkfun have a few tiny cameras



soldering them could be tricky :P

For those cameras you solder the base and then snap the camera on it.

Get a camera from a cel phone ?

There are phone's schematics on the internet so you know how to connect them.

Some cellphone cams are super-tiny -ISTR seeing a lowish-res one about a 6mm cube inc lens. These cams generally have a raw pixel data+clock interface, plus I2C for setup, so you'll need to add JPEG etc. compression & all the Bayer processing stuff. Small cams may also need lens shading correction.


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