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Firmware mod for GWInstek GPP series lab bench power supply

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Pr Utser:
Hi all,

I have been working on a firmware mod for the GWInstek GPP series lab bench power supply.

Firmware mod features:
• Voltage and current measurement averaging
• Voltage calibration correction
• Current calibration correction with output voltage dependent leakage current compensation
• Separate current/voltage calibration correction for power versus load mode
• Fast OCP/OVP response (10x faster than original firmware)
• Configurable OCP/OVP arming delay during channel switch on
• Configurable OCP/OVP trigger delay
• Channel on/off button also selects channel for data input

This mod has been developed and tested on a GPP-4323. Although not tested on a GPP-1326/2323/3323, I see no reason why it wouldn't work.
See attached zip for the mod files and documentation.
Unfortunately, I could not upload the gpp_mod.exe file because of it's file size. So there where the documentation mentions running gpp_mod, one should run python gpp_mod.py instead.

The python version used for this project is 3.11.2. Added python packages are:
• intelhex 2.3.0
• numpy 1.26.0
• scikit-learn 1.3.1

Best regards,

you can use  free file hosting  for an executable in a zip file ....  sure it may or will die eventually,  just need to re-vive  redo it ???

Pr Utser:
Via the WeTransfer link below, it is possible to download the gpp_mod_1v00.zip including gpp_mod.exe file.
Unfortunately the link will expire in 1 week from now.
Suggestions for better file sharing alternatives are welcome.


SHA256                                                                    Size  Name
---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------  ------------
66EDAB09E0D6C14D866979BCD7B4C40A1553DCD5E646B8595C3E452B84E9C99B      67690586  gpp_mod_1v00.zip

E8BB20313ACA4206F50F93BD757C3A12D3E1100A028B8A19E10A1442AEE08BAD      67508977  gpp_mod.exe
B2D260877322F3F8890AFEEE1D2D31FCDE18BD3020A716DF4C1AC0AFB6F04583          5624  gpp_mod.hex
DB6B26D191A02719D59848922F20FBE6B80C4DFA44065A5B36C7A2FC9933A5B0        628817  gpp_mod.pdf
741515FA7D517671DB70401DC84F0785ED03F324261F312FC477AB0324A764D1         12344  gpp_mod.py
1F4176EED0B13C2D4BDDD510FC352723E021DCDB08BF00DCE25D8E92D9D11F3A          4039  gpp_mod_template.json

Pr Utser:
The beeper of the GPP unit is insanely LOUD. However, I value the audible feedback on button presses so I don't like turning it off.
This is why the next topic in this project might be to PWM drive the beeper output.
Currently I have taped off my beeper. To still get some sound out of it, I punched a small hole in the tape with a needle. This works very well but to access the beeper a lot of disassembling is involved.
So if people are interested it may still get me motivated enough to solve this with a firmware solution.

@Pr Utser

Wow, this is an impressive feat you have accomplished - I can't wait to try this out.  The averaging on the current is badly needed; in my opinion the standard FW has the display updating so frequently that it is practically useless.

I have another request - do you think it would be possible to change the display format on either of the "Type 1" or "Type 2" display options?   I find the default Type 1 display font is too small to read when the supply is more than about 2 feet away from me.  The voltage and current readback (and wattage) are readable, but the set voltage and set current is very small.  I'd like that to be in a larger font, which could possibly be done by removing the wattage measurement.  The other option would be to change the Type 2 display format to include the setpoints - that mode has voltage & current that is very large.  If those value would be made slightly smaller it would make room to have the setpoints displayed.  I also think it would make sense to have the channels displayed as channel 4-1-2-3 in Type 2 to match the order that the output posts are in.

What do you think about my idea?  If this would be too much work to go through I understand, just my thoughts on it.  In my opinion the GPP4323 has 2 major flaws: 
   1.  The voltage and current readings fluctuation WAAAY too quickly and make the correct values sometimes impossible to discern
   2.  The diplay really isn't big enough to display all the info needed for 4 channels.  The type 1 has all the info, but it gets too small to read.  I think by adding the set values on Type 2 would be a great help.

Thanks again for your work - nice job!


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