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First PCB in 25 years :-) - Diptrace and PCB Fab in a Box

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okay - just etched my first PCB in about 25 years.

Layout done in DIPTrace and printed on HP LJ on PCBFab in a box transfer paper.

Then rolled through a laminator

then etched.

I was supposed to use a "green top coat" on top of the printer etch - which would fuse it the layers a bit better - but every time I tried - it pulled of some of the tracks.

I tried printing on a new LJ 2055dn which is 1200 dpi - but that did not work - the toner is so pitted that... yes... not working. But the tiny HP 1102 worked okay. Im still not perfectly happy - and first etch will go in a frame and not be used.. since there are a few broken tracks where the FeCl was faster than I was - so they are broken. But it looks "reasonable" I think for attempt no 1 :-). But after 25 years there are SO many things you have forgotten. :-)

Thanks for sharing !  :)
I now use a Epson CX17NF which is a LED printer and according to epson it uses very small particles .
Hmm .
Must try .

Fine Toner on the LJ 2055dn caused a lot of problems - the black was not "thick" enough. Just try to print a solid black box on a white sheet and see if you get a uniform black - or a black the varies a bit in color (so lighter black some places and darker black other places)

Just use hatch pattern for ground plane.

it was not the ground planes that gave the big problems. It was pitting inside the tracks. (tried printing with and without ground planes)



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