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FLUKE 87-5 DMM Accessory..Made In Greece - Greek Patent !!

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Set of pictures .  8)  By Kiriakos Triantafillou  Volos - Greece .


If any one shares my fear that the New holster of the 87-5  (87V)  ,
that it looks and feels like to be ready to flip over, due poor design ...
By looking the above pictures , you can be aware of,  what you need to do as correction.

The plastic part , its part of one machine that is used to cut grass , the ones with the rotating string .
Actually its the round shield of it .
Its from the hardest unbreakable plastic .

Found it accidentally, same color as the Fluke, the transformation - construction took as two hours,
but it worthed it ..

The DMM become sturdy as a Rock ... this patent has zero impact as damaging factor,
the holster clips on it , with out pressure or force ,
and the only must do , are the slot to have an accurate length, with minimum free play.

Now you can congratulate me.  ;D

Dave I do not have a second one  ;)

Great job!  You take very precise photos.

If any one has any similar ideas , post them here.  :)

Good work Kyriako!

Another idea would be to have at the lower end of the back stand two retractable pins that open up to form a similar stand that Kyriakos came up with. This will allow this accessory to be part of the DMM's stand.

Another alternative would be two have two layers of back stand mounted on a pivot point. To deploy the DMM you lift the back stand, then slide the two layers apart to form an inverted Y.



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