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FLUKE quick Blow Fuses ... deeper specs !!

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Well, recently got few Fluke meters , old fashion bench meters, that all use 2A  glass  5mm-20mm fuses.

I speculate that they are quick blow ones !!

Does any one have any knowledge about the true specs of them ?

Found one Chinese seller , who haves quick blow ones with good specs,
and the factory haves all the world wide certifications too  !!

Check out this page .. ( Use IE works best with it )

This fuses are baptized as F5 ..


All meters that I've seen use fast-blow fuses for current ranges, but the manual (and possibly even printing on the case) should confirm this. Those fuses that you link to seem standard glass fuses that you can buy for something like $0.15 each, they should be fine, and are used in lots of bench meters (including some current ones). There are 5x20 fuses with a ceramic body and higher interrupt current, but they seem somewhat rare. I think sticking to the original spec should be fine, although I wouldn't use it for high-energy (Cat III/IV) work. I doubt someone would measure current by cutting a connection and putting a meter in series on these circuits, that's what clamp meters are for.

Well I had in mind this ....  http://www.cooperbussmann.com/pdf/4117cf4f-98cd-4b31-a55a-38ddb6062d91.pdf 

In comparison with the link above.

The best of the West , in comparison with the best of the East.  ;)

Oh well I got in to calculations with milliseconds , and the China ones are just a bit slower .
That at the scale of milliseconds to microseconds , looks to have no importance at all , as comparison of specs.

So I quit about getting more to it.    :)

Mr J:
i was looking into making an adaptor to convert the .402" (27 dollars!) fuses to the cheaper 5mmx20 ($1.43 ones). Couldn't believe it 27 bucks from digikey the DMM-B-44/100, what's it made of gold?


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