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FU-Dyson-BMS - An (Unofficial) Firmware Upgrade for Dyson V6/V7 Vacuum BMS

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Hello tinfever! Thank you for helping ordinary people bring old Dyson batteries back to life. Such a question, my Dyson battery was blocked, but after disassembly it became clear that the cells were still in fairly good condition, and apparently the battery was blocked due to imbalance.
I flashed the PIC with your firmware, charged the battery, now the voltages of all cells vary in the range of 4.15-4.25V. But I ran into a problem..
The PIC does not allow startup and flashes blue 3 times, indicating that the battery is low. This is at any battery charge level.
What have I tried:
1. Replaced ISL, no changes
2. I checked all the voltages coming to the CELL terminals (ISL) 25-20.7-16.55-12.38-8.24-4.10+VBACK.
3. Checked the entire ISL binding.

--There is an interesting feature, when charging is connected, it flashes 82 times in red + blue, telling us that there is an imbalance of min-max, 82*50mV = 4.25V, so it does not see the voltage of any of the cells? I connected the oscilloscope to the AO ISL-PIC line, based on the oscillogram and firmware, no problem is visible. Maybe you have a guess what the problem is. Thank you very much!

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Thank you for the open source, my programmer is back, I have to try to flash the firmware of the V10 to get the V10 vacuum cleaner back, my charge equalization is mixed charging with 6 x 5v power supplies and IP3212, if the connection is not correct, it smokes and burns 2312, I have burned a few and the correct connection can charge. Thanks again to the author of V6 open source, I'm really sorry that my English level is close to zero because I didn't like to study when I was a kid, I use translation software to translate,


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