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general purpose optics equipment?

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i guess its one reason to keep dragging your ass to work

OK i got some collimator lens and a diode mount that sits diodes in a place where I can attach a little heat exchanger to them do temperature control for experiments (copper)

the prices are not people friendly (and fuck europe shipping!!!), but getting the emitter section and safety right, lets me allow for messing around with the subsequent optics, hopefully at a much lower cost. (adjust prisms, mirrors, screens, etc), hopefully maybe with some scavanged and DIY stuff. I have a bad feeling about the cheap chinese mounts and optics, as simple as it seems. at least the first stage will be quality and I can maybe identify or qualify subsequent parts if I have confidence about the first part

Building your own laser diode mount seems akin to building your own power supply chassis, which is a bit much for beginners. I hope the thermal contact surfaces will be good and that it mounts well and is more stable then something I can put together myself, that I will not need to fight with a tapered, oval or otherwise messed up bore for mounting diodes. That will probobly end with buying a special reamer and lapping tools lol :(

I can also do some testing on the electrical supply and hookup method with cheap diodes before I start getting optical system elements. I want to standardize the electrical hookup in my own way

also trade the steak for a baked potato to pay this expensive ass shit off. glad i did not throw away that old potato, its actually fine to eat. and I spent the entire week sharpening damaged ass kitchen knives so I don't buy that new set I was planing on


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