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general purpose optics equipment?

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If you want to experiment with lasers like with crystals and stuff, what is the generic equipment that you need for a setup?

I have one of those aluminum optics plates. say working in the 1mW range

I know you need a emitter, that is like a power supply. But what other common general purpose things do you need that can give you the most bang for your buck and last a long time?

Mirrors? prisms? gratings? lens?

Is there generic optical test equipment/hardware, or do you pretty much need all specific things for particular experiments? Generic optics lab 1000$ lab setup ?

Terry Bites:
This may give you some inspration.

I was hoping for more like a guide. Like maybe the stuff they use to develop colored lasers.

I don't know how to think about it. Mirrors seem like cable. We know for electronics your good if you like stick to say, BNC, and you are good for a ton of stuff, and then you can go up to N for high power or 3.5mm for stuff that is almost out of financial reach for private individuals. Of course there are the weirdos with their TNC affinity etc.

I guess what I am asking is like what is the BNC-like equipment standard for optics. Does anything have such a wide range?

Like say so you don't by accident end up with something as atrocious as a F-connector equivalent or as god damn incompatible and oddball as a GR874 (even though I wish it was more adopted because it kicks ass). Or make a mistake starting to collect TNC stuff when you know that BNC is just way more available and common.

And what is the optical equivalent of badass APC-7 connectors? (not cheap skate and not annoyingly small. Honestly other connectors can suck it compared to APC-7. If I was rich I would hire someone to modify literary every coaxial thing i have to APC-7 unless it requires a higher frequency, even if its audio generator. I would get the cheap ass router wifi antenna modified for APC-7  >:().


--- Quote from: coppercone2 on March 31, 2024, 09:50:42 am ---I guess what I am asking is like what is the BNC-like equipment standard for optics. Does anything have such a wide range?
--- End quote ---
There is no common standard. Metric or Imperial? Tube/Cage/Post layout?

See if you can find much in common between typical suppliers:

I mean RF has no common standard either but you will do alot better with test equipment and BNC then say TNC.

Are you sure there is nothing to avoid?

Even metric vs imperial parts? avoiding particular manufacturers that are geared towards 'cost sensitive' industries that have enough man power and volume to bother endlessly fiddling around?


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