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Generate sinusoidal reference signal

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We  wish to get a unipolar sinusoidal reference....ie like a rectified sine....we only want 1vpk...and preferably variable to eg 0.9vpk etc.
Also 50Hz...but it will be 100Hz because its a train of positive sine "halves".
{EDIT...it doesnt have to provide any power}

We coudl just filter a square wave i am thinking.

Because this kind of approach is too many components...

If you strenuously filter a square wave, by passing it through a series of low-pass filters for example, the result will be a sine wave, not a rectified sinusoid, since the latter is a non-linear function of a sinusoid.  You could rectify the sine wave after the filter.  Varying the amplitude of the square wave will proportionally change the filter output (which is a linear function of its input).  For “reference” purposes, you must accurately quantify the filter response, as well as the square wave amplitude.

Today, just take any MCU with integrated DAC, or external if you already have a MCU without it
Flexible, cheap a just one chip/module


--- Quote ---Today, just take any MCU with integrated DAC, o
--- End quote ---
Thanks, do you know where the code is for this...or is it just a case of using that function for sine, using multiplications and additions?

Make a table with excel/Matlab/etc and use it.


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