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Okay, so this was my second attempt at getting inside a chip, specifically a dead PIC18f4525. It didn't go well. I tried using a handheld propane torch to burn the plastic off, as opposed to sanding this time. It failed. The plastic just bubbled a little. I got green fire, which I know is copper, so I'm fairly certain I trashed whatever is in there.

Does anyone know of a method I could do at home which would let me get at the die?

Acid? Forgot which type that only eat away at the plastic.

Might wanna do it out side of course.

Jon Chandler:
Sparkfun did a series of posts on this subject while investigating some fake chips.  There are at least 3 posts in the series:




There are also some additional columns on dissecting fake SD cards on Sparkfun.


Wait, so why did fire not burn off the plastic?

must be fairly heat resistant but plastic will melt before burning at which point you have already made a mess. Who said the chip inside is fire proof ?


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