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Golf cart motor controller

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I am in the proses of designing a board for an autonomous golf cart and was wander how thick traces have to be for a 57-200amp motor and 2oz trace thickness. 

This calculator is great -


I'm guessing 200A is stall current. If you want your PCB to be able to sustain that, you'll need huge traces.

Better option may be to make sure the motor doesn't stall (or have the controller do some kind of current regulation - if current draw is too high, start PWMing).

better leave the trace spec for operation amp, during stall, the trace will blow probably saving the other components. even for few amps, you start to put solder on the trace. pcb trace alone is not design for high power application. from the way i see it and experience looking at various of boards.

An autonomous golf cart? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.


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