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Dose any one know what type of motor a golf cart uses.

36-48V  2-8HP electric motors.   Some need controllers up to 400A.  Maybe can provide more info if you ask what you are trying to know. 

Not to be too snarky, but you can also try this link.

i have searched googel but it didn't answer my question. What do the 4 leads on the motor do

If they've got 4 leads, then it's probably 2 leads for the field windings and 2 wires for the armature. The field windings take the place of the magnet normally used in DC motors. You can run these in parallel or series, but for lower power motors, they're normally shunt wired,


It's becoming more common for electric vehicles to use an AC motor driven with an inverter rather than a DC motor for increased efficiency and reliability but this applies more to cars than small vehicles like golf buggies.


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