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Over the past two weeks i have been designing a 20A h-bridge kit based on basic through-hole soldering with dimensions of 50x45mm. i'm wondering if this kit would sell for about $20 australian. it costs about $5-$7 parts including esd safe bags. pcbs cost about the same ($5-$7 AUS). please give some input as this is my first attempt at selling an electronics kit.

need more specs, voltage, max frequency etc.
but $20 doesn't sound expensive :)

heres some more information:
based on irf540 and irf9540 mosfets in to-220 packages.
rated to 40volts max. control voltages are anywhere from 5-15V.
suitable for arduino control interface

i haven't had a prototype pcb made up yet, because i dont want to waste money on something that wont sell. im also currently designing a inter-face board with a opto-isolated input. it takes a high or low input and spits out 2 signals, one for each side of the h-bridge. dose it sound like a good idea? :) 

Depends. The price is not bad but what i would like to see are the use cases where this would be applied. That and the specs. After all that is how the prospective buyers will evaluate your kit. Now i have a pretty good idea where a H-bridge might be applied but what was yours?


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