Author Topic: Hacking Ikea HALVKLART cabinet light  (Read 263 times)

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Hacking Ikea HALVKLART cabinet light
« on: September 20, 2021, 05:17:56 am »
Hi, All,
I came across the nice new little cabinet lights in IKEA, called HALVKLART.
They are sold in pairs, and they have an on/off switch inside the light itself. Pressing the light toggles it on and off.

Unfortunately, it is on by default. I.e. if you plug it in into USB power adapter, it lights up, and can then be toggled off and on.
That did not work for my purpose, as any power glitch or outage will turn all those lights on. So I did a little bit of a reverse engineering and hacked to make it off by default.

Before putting it back together, I took some pictures to share, in case if someone needs to do the same.

You basically have to cut the trace on top side of the PCB and throw a bodge wire on the bottom side.

Attached are: schematic diagram - the flip-flop part that does the toggling, both sides of the board with the cut and bodge highlighted. And the product itself for a reference.


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