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I'm looking for an iron that can take tips with a well and also preferably a wide variety of other tips.

I assumed that in Daves Soldering Tutorial 3 he used a Hakko FX-888 but now I'm not so sure as I can't find any tips with a well that go with the FX-888.  Can anyone clue me in ?

Hakko's US site has then for sale: http://www.hakkousa.com/detail.asp?CID=&PID=4800&Page=5

Oddly, I cannot find ordering information for the tips on the European site.  :-\

Last time I looked into this it seemed that someone other than Hakko had obtained a legal monopoly on tips with a well in them. Therefore you can't easily buy such tips unless you go to the other competing manufacturer.

However, there is not much reason to worry about it. The tips with a well are more of a marketing gimmick than a practically useful device. If you have the appropriate technique you can do any given soldering job with a variety of tip shapes. You don't need that one particularly.

Oops.. I didn't catch the part about the well. Yeah, I couldn't find those either.

Pat Pending:
>> "The well" - is known as miniwave

I believe it is patented by PACE and licensed by Weller.

Hakko sells/has sold it in Asia but not in the US.


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