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Hall effect sensor identification and test

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LEM HY50-P/SP1 +- 50A current transducer failed in a device, and it is impossible to buy it or find a replacement. I disassembled the sensor and removed the hall effect sensor. Any idea about part number of the hall effect sensor or pinout of it? I would like to test it whether it failed

4 wires usually means a hall bridge (like 4 resistors). No idea about the PN.

Yes, you are right, there is either 730 or 1000 ohm resistance between each pin pair.

I was able to repair the failed sensor. Desoldered hall effect sensor, opamp, checked diode and transistor and believe it or not, several SMD 0603 resistors had resistance different to its marking or they were open circuit. I don't understand how resistors and no semiconductor can fail. They must have used some really low quality product back then when they manufactured the sensor.

I was able to repair all the sensors by replacing all 0603 resistors with 0.5% new ones. But still, I noticed some sensors have offset and/or sensitivity out of manufacturers specification. There are two 1206 resistors on the board with approx 55R and 6k8 value and they are used to tweak offset/sensitivity precisely. Are they normal 1206 resistors just with no marking on top or are they something special (based on their look)?


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