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Headphone OPAMP recomendation for battery usage.

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Terry Bites:
Tinitus and deafness at a reasonable cost?

You might want to parallel up some choice opamps to get the 300mW.

A composite amp lets you create the power level you want.
Us a low distortion low noise amp with a power buffer
Have a look at the LT1010 datasheet page 1 for an example


--- Quote from: Terry Bites on September 21, 2023, 11:13:37 am ---Tinitus and deafness at a reasonable cost?

--- End quote ---

I have not been there, but at certain volume brain waves might start resonating with audio signal  :bullshit: and then epifany comes.

The best tradeoff between idle current, output power and THD that I have found after a lot of research is OPA1692. Using one chip per channel (the two halves paralleled, with 10 ohms per side on the output) I measured 140mW into 32 Ohms at 0.004%THD, or 80mW into 16 Ohms at 0.006%THD. Total idle current 1.3mA (2x650uA). Loud enough to blow my ears off playing bass guitar in earbuds. If you need more power than that, use two chips per channel (4 opamps).


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