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Help Identifying an old chip


Hello forum,
I recently scraped an old piece of Motorola radio equipment, one of the displays I kept.  It has 4 common cathode red 7seg LED's on it, part number MAN74A.  On the LED board there is also 2 buttons which go back to the driver or microprocessor.  I am attempting to determine the driver chip.  It has 3 wires coming to the board, red, black and white.  I assume power, gnd, and data.  On the driver board it has a cap, resister and diode.  The numbers on the chip are as follows,
EA 7316B
8001 X

The symbol on the chip is "ea", where if you rotated either letter by 180 degrees it would look like the other.  I am really thinking about using this setup as one, but would like to know about the driver chip. 

Found this site:



If you apply translation, it shows the EA7316B as a substitution model......

LOL, pumping the LM3861 into google shows you probably have the guts of a digital clock - fits the description!

OK thanks everyone.  Now I wish I could find a datasheet.  Dose anyone have any good places for old datasheets?  Google turns up some of the chips for sale on eBay in Germany but they do not offer any datasheets. 


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