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Help with diy bench psu circuit.

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--- Quote from: ledtester on February 02, 2022, 07:24:13 pm ---
The LM338 also has a min. load current (< 10mA). You might consider adding some sort of permanent load on the output to satisfy this.

--- End quote ---

I have used a power-on LED  (3mm LED and resistor) with some other regulator to satisfy its minimum load current. Then its not just wasted in a dumb resistor   :)

Neomys Sapiens:
I can only warn you that the LM338 can be cooked faster than its thermal protection can act when not mounted on a really good and generous heatsink. Then any retry will waste more money than one of the simpler PS with current limiting would cost you. If using a LM338, my tip would be the circuit with the additional OPA and current limit.

Thats what worries me. That i will just waste money.
The "30V 3A kit" with modification by audioguru seems like the cheapest somewhat decent circuit.

So before i start spending money. Will the circuit attached below work alright or not?
I would build the elektor circuit but it is a bit more expensive.
The circuit attached is the chinese kit modified by audioguru.


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