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Help with STM32duino timers and frequency measurement

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Ha Ha, yes dead and buried, train has left the station, ship has sailed etc......
Anyway to answer your question I was experimenting with timers generally on a stand alone STM32F401 with no hard io limitations - just  to see how things worked without worrying about pin mapping.

I knew at some point I'd have to migrate my experimental code to the final target with its IO limitations.

I've learnt a lot from this process - not only related to timers but other things as well such as MODER and alternate functions etc.

When time permits I'll have another go at bare metal DMA as I find using bare metal really helps me understand whats actually going rather than use HAL and cubemx etc.

Regarding other pins, I have an IO map and have crossed checked using CubeMX to identify which pins have timers hidden behind them and due to my bad choices I have blocked them all - doh !

This design uses a lot of IO as it has a lot of peripherals - spi LCD plus touch screen , I2C for EEPROM, stepper motor drives, PWM output, four analog inputs, serial comms, 6 push buttons, rotary encoder plus push button, 3 relays drives, 4 logic inputs.

Code size is currently 157kB and growing...

Regards Tim


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