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Help with triggering a camera with light?

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Hello, was wondering if I could pick people's brains for how best to approach a project I would like to do.

Basically, I have a camera trigger set up for taking photos of 3D print time-lapses using a physical switch that the printer will make contact with and take a photo on each layer change resulting in this:


But I would like to adapt this to work with a resin printer and have it trigger when an LDR detects the light exposing each layer. And wonder how to go about this with minimal components.

How long is the light, how bright is the light, how long is the dark, how dark is the dark?

A phototransistor ought to work, you might even be able to just wire it directly across the trigger for the camera.

If you need to trigger based on a specific light level and want flexibility you could do this cheaply with a BH1750 and an arduino nano, it's overkill but won't cost much over $5, it's very simple and you can tweak the behavior all you want just by altering the code.

Just get one of these:


It might just be a phototransistor.

Terry Bites:
Put slotted photo interupters on the spools to monitor their motion.


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