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Here's me failing...

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ok now i watched it. nothing special! :P i experienced worst than that ;) and i solder no better than you. and now i know what intervalometer do, thanx. great video.

Nice little video and another comment on the nice workspace!
Does the intervalometer just cause the camera to take a picture every two seconds? Is there no function similar to that built into the camera or does the circuit do other funky stuff?

Yeah, the main goal is to trigger the camera shutter at a set interval. I used one to make the time-lapse video of the soldering/debugging.
Some point-and-shoot cameras like the Canon PowerShot have this built in (others don't, but there are firmware updates to do so.)
My DSLR doesn't have this feature, but has an external trigger plug. Canon sells an intervalometer, but it costs ~$140. I figured this would be a nice project to work on and learn how to use surface mount components. I'm going to add a small potentiometer so I can vary the actual interval time instead of having it fixed as I did in the video.

The actual board doesn't have to be used as an intervalometer though. It provides an opto-isolated interface to my camera and a microcontroller. I plan on modifying one of the boards to do things like take a photo when a sound is detected, when light changes, etc...

Thanks for all the great comments! I figured more people would watch a video that said fail instead of succeed. This was the fist complete video I've done of a project. I've started recording more while I work on things now. I find that I make a lot of stupid mistakes that might make for a funny compilation at some point.

As for the workspace, It's just a desk I got at an office supply store a few years ago. It's the only work surface I have, so I need to keep moving my electronics stuff on and off all the time. I work on the floor from time to time as well. I do love being able to see the keyboard without having it on the main work surface. Glass is also very easy to clean (which needs to happen a lot due to fingerprints!)

The clamp is the Panavise Jr. vacuum base, I got it from sparkfun.


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