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Here's me failing...

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This was my first attempt at surface-mount soldering. I designed an intervalometer around the Atmel ATtiny13, had the PCB's made, and ordered all the parts. I put together this video mixing me talking and explaining and some time-lapse shots of the actual building/debugging.
I followed Dave's suggestions to the letter, and failed the first time. Eventually I figured out the problem, which I hopefully describe ok in the video.
This is my first such video, so please let me know what you think!

(Not sure how to embed the HD version, but it's there!)

Edit: Thanks to oPossum for fixing the youtube link.

It is only you failing, if you stopped before the debugging.  To me it looked like you learning a great deal.  I'm with Dave on the hoping projects have problems.  It is the only way to learn how to fix them.

Where did you get that clamp.


--- Quote from: Ferroto on April 14, 2011, 04:13:39 pm ---Where did you get that clamp.

--- End quote ---
It's from Pomona Electronics. I bought it from Mouser (part no. 565-5250).

Great video. I think you should rename it "Here's me succeeding"


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