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High Current 12V | 13.8V DC Power Supply

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I'm thinking that I want to try building a high current 12V or 13.8V DC power supply (100+ amps) so I can power car stereo equipment with it.  I've looked around a little bit and found a couple of schematics, but haven't really found anything that I like.  Any suggestions?

that is a lot of current, You be best buying an off the shelf SMPS maybe a few beefy computer PSU's ?

It is alot of current, and the idea did cross my mind.  Here are a couple of the links/schematics I saw for building one:


The other thing I'd like is to find a nice professional looking case (19" rackmount?) and mount an LCD or something to display current, voltage, etc.

Here's a silly question.   I could buy a couple of old server hot swappable power supplies since those are very reliable and quite inexpensive and very compact. Would I be able to put them in series (or is it parallel?) to get up to 2400 watts ( 200 amps)?

Does the stereo equipment actually draw 200A or are these marketing amps (ILS power)?


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