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High-side gate driver for more than 600V?


Hi there everybody
I am currently working on a SMPS project where I have to build a full bridge converter. To turn on the MOSFETs i need a high-side driver but the input voltage is about 620V and I can only find high-side drivers that can withstand 600V...?

Does anybody on this forum know if it is possible to get a high-side driver that will take 620V? Then I would be really glad to know or maybe if some of you had some tips on how to use a 600V high-side driver for higher voltages it would come in handy too  :)


Conrad Hoffman:
We've used those IR parts where I work and they're quite amazing. That said, you better read every IR app note with a magnifying glass. There are tricks of bypassing and issues concerning Dv/Dt that will smoke parts at a high rate until you figure them out. We thought we were pretty smart, but it still took many weeks before we understood all the component and layout pitfalls of high side switching a lot of power at 600-800+ V.

Great, I will have a look at thoose IR drivers to see if they are usable for my circuit.

Thank you  :)

Would transformer coupling work?


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