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How to convert a HP HSTNS-PL18 psu to 13.8V ?

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I got hold of a couple of these 750W server psu's , supplying 12V at 62A, and want to adjust it for 13.8V. Do anybody here have any ideas on how to do it?
I found a YouTube video which kind of shows how to do it, but the method described does not work.  :-\

Mine is the same as this one:

I found the solution, after expanding my search criteria.  :D
It is in French, but seems to works nevertheless.  ;)


Attached picture is from the website.

I just tested this method on the  460W model HSTNS-PL14, and it works perfect.  :-+

13.85 V with HP HSTNS-PL18 psu, works perfectly, thanks!  :-+

I have been reading the procedure for modifying the HP HSTNS-PL18 from 12v to 13.8v and as I have two of these S/M supplies i am about to do the modification.
Before I do, I just wanted to make sure I am reading the mods correctly - I take it that I remove the 100 ohm resistor (near the pot) then put in a hard wire link where the resistor was (bridge out where the resistor was ?), am I correct ?
The alternative would be to leave the 100 ohm resistor in place and just bridge it out ????
Can someone confirm that I am correct as I really dont wish to damage these two supplies.
cheers  Rob


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