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How to design a true constant current source ?

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Arsh ahmad:
I want to design a current source in which even if the load resistance goes up the current remains constant, I need an accurate load current of 200mA. The source should maintain the same current level even if the load resistance is increased.

What is wrong with the classic current mirror or other current sources - there's a lot of designs for this.

Just open a copy of most texts and you'll find lots.


Arsh ahmad:
I need my load to be varied from 1ohms to 100 ohms but I want the same 200mA through the load. In normal current sources, the current starts to drop when I increase the resistance.

Is your supply voltage high enough ?

Arsh ahmad:
I need one to be operated at about 5 volts and one more that need to operate at about 20-40 volts.


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