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How to get a variable +5v to -5VDC from 24VDC supply?

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TERRA Operative:
Hi all.

I am currently building a jig to test HP 10811 OCXO's.
As part of the Electronic Frequency Control, I can supply it within a range from -5VDC up to +5VDC for the full EFC adjustment range.
The circuit will be supplied +24VDC (+20-30VDC is acceptable for the OCXO according to HP).

Is there a relatively simple way to have a single potentiometer or similar to vary a voltage output from -5VDC to +5VDC? I don't need any appreciable current, but the output voltage needs to be stable within 100uV.


capt bullshot:
Look at page 7 of this datasheet for a reasonably simple and stable +/- 5V supply:


Connect the potentiometer ends to these voltages and tap the -5V ... +5V from the wiper. If required, add a simple Op-Amp buffer circuit. I'd recommend using a 10-turn pot.

Additionally,  you'd need a +/- 12V supply from your 24V, I'd use one of these simple and cheap SIL packaged DC/DC converters - add some filtering as they are quite noisy.

TERRA Operative:
Hmm, I'm not sure how that will work?

I need a single output that can vary anywhere across the -5VDC to +5VDC range, not two separate outputs for +ve and -ve..

capt bullshot:
See my edit

TERRA Operative:
Aaahh yep, like a voltage divider type arrangement.


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