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Huge scale, working model of a 555 timer chip using vacuum tubes

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I was impressed by this guy:


schmitt trigger:
I am beyond impressed!

Having said this, I once saw an analog TV sync generator made exclusively from tubes. It occupied a refrigerator sized rack.

Awesome build!


Power consumption: YES


--- Quote from: daqq on October 28, 2021, 10:15:16 am ---Datasheet:

Power consumption: YES

--- End quote ---

A reminder that the WOM specified heater power. ;D

Another "misuse" of tubes, I did this a long ass time ago:
(It's kind of serial and doesn't have a table of contents, just scroll down a few headings to see the final form, or read the background leading up to it if you like.)

PWM in the low 100kHz range is quite feasible from tubes, and a final plate efficiency around 80% is achievable.  Mind, overall efficiency still tops out around 50-60% from all the heater power, and bias drawn by everything else.  Not having complementary devices really sucks for slew rate and power consumption (drivers and logic basically have to be "NMOS", as it were), but heaters consume about as much as bias so it's not like there's a whole lot to save either way.

Note that the above is a sort of "class D-A".  It has a load resistor to carry bias current to the output, so while the switching has high plate efficiency, the overall output efficiency is normal class A.  "Neat", huh?

More recently I made this,


Schematic: https://www.seventransistorlabs.com/Images/Tube_Shift_Register.pdf


In my entry years ago to the Signetics WOM design competition, I used 12AT7 triodes as a convenient interface from standard TTL (into the triode cathode) to a signal impossible to ignore.


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