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Hundreds of Graphic LCDs – What to do without the connector pinout?

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I have a lot of TFT LCDs taken from 3 different types of PDAs and I would like to use them in my projects.
The problem is that I cannot find the connector pinout of any LCD. There are many sellers in internet, but none of them have the datasheet. ???

LCD type 1: From PDA HP 614c, 320x240, 64k color, part number: TX07D05VM0APA
LCD type 2: From PDA HP rw6815, 320x240, 64k color, part number: TX07D08VM1CAB
LCD type 3: From PDA HP hx2410, 320x240, 64k color, part number: TD035STEB3

Is the garbage the final destiny? >:(

If you can't figure it out, skip the trash and give them to me, lol, or someone who might actually use them, or try to figure it out(or in my case probably end up breaking them(in experimenting) before sending them to the trash, loL)

http://rossum.posterous.com/ has some useful information for reverse engineering LCD protocols with a logic analyser. It is going to be a lot easier to do this if the LCDs are attached to a working PDA. If the LCD contains a controller chip, then searching for its data sheet is likely to be more helpful.

Try this


I found this web site which is a great source of LCD data sheets:

I can’t find the exact models I need, but there are some similar.
Some PDAs are working well, so I might find out all connections with a logic analyzer.


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