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HVDC power supply for tube circuits NEED ADVICE


Do you guys have any good designs for high-voltage DC power supplies (up to 500 volts, at 1 amp. I might need to drive at least 8-10 tubes in certain circuits)

I ain't rich, nor do I live near any electronics supply stores, which means I have to scavenge for components, or make my own components. (I know how to make capacitors, both electrolytic and non-polarized, and everyone can wind coils if they have hands)

I have about 80 vacuum tubes to play with, so I'm good on that front. Not really any sockets, though, so I might have to do wire-wrap for that. I also used up all my solder six months ago hehe.


Have you tried the old american radio magazines website?
Some Useful articles there dating from way back when


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